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Hi! Take a peak at some of my personal projects :)

  • NisJS is a local JavaScript meetup in the city of Nis, Serbia.
  • HipsterCodes is a new Blog that I started. It’s hipster poster quotes with programming humor. I made it with Hugo, a static blog generator writen in Go.
  • Smart Email Field is a plugin that adds autocompletion of popular email domains to your inputs. Right arrow autocompletes the suggestion. Vanilla JS, no dependencies.
  • A simple Angular 1 package to make communicating via PostMessage Window API easy and consistent. We used this a lot on a project I was working on, where we integrated other team’s apps into our own, and needed to pass messages back and fourth.
  • NoiseCheck is the winning application of IoT Week Hackathon 2016. in Belgrade. We implemented a system for real time measurment of noise pollution, and used it to create a client app for monitoring noise levels in cafes.
  • A proof of concept app to get the bus lines schedule for Belgrade Bus Station. I made it using React with Redux, based on a isomorphic seed project, so it leverages server side rendering. It scrapes the data from BAS using Electron. Fun to build and learn about React and Redux.
    Bus Timetable
  • Hungry makes ordering food within a company easy and fun. Make menus, order food and see pretty graphs! Made with Angular and Laravel. Open Source. Learned more about functional app state management in Angular, about Angular Material library and using OAuth in Laravel.
  • Weekly is a simple and pretty report tool. Lets you add tasks for a particular week and then, when Friday comes, you can print the report to pdf. Made with Angular and Laravel. Learned more about integrating Angular and Laravel, and automating the build process using Gulp.
  • Smart Spender is an app that helps you break bad spending habits. It was designed by Ivan Bjelajac. Made using Angular. I learned more about Ionic, UI Router and building and submitting an app to the Google Play Store.
    Smart Spender
  • is a winning app of Hackathon powered by SICEF, 2014 by Bazinga! team. It’s an educational app, that lets students study using flash cards. Made using Angular + Java Spring REST api.
    Okreni me
  • ZeroCoffee is a hybrid mobile app running on Android. Its purpose is to help you drink less coffee by taking a challenge. Each challenge has predetermined number of cups you can drink on a particular day. Made using Ionic.
    zero coffee